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map of Fulham FC fans locations 2022

In 2019 MJG (Mike) produced a world map of where Fulham fans were located thanks to the details sent to him by hundreds of fans who wanted to take part.

The map above was created in Feb 2022 with over 2750 fans sending their details into Mike via this link FFCMap
The link is now open again and if you wish to be included in the map please enter your details.

Please note, its asking for either your full postcode or first part of the code to at least give Mike the area to plot on the map.
If you don’t want to show the whole code that fine but he really requires the first part.

For those Fulham fans abroad please give at least the city, state, country as sometime plotting those locations are difficult.

No one else will have access to the answers given and it’s for no other use than information to put on the map and maybe some other data such as how many ST holders in one area and that type of thing.

Simple thing is if you don't want to take part, then don’t enter the details, but I hope you can take part.

The map is locked to a certain zoom, but I hope it’s enough to see who is local to your area.

My aim would be for fans local to each other to hopefully find a way to meet up, travel to a game, watch a game in a pub or elsewere.

If you want your data removed, please let me know by entering your details at FFCMapCANCEL

I will update the map from time to time so please have some patience for changes to be made.

Thanks to all who have taken part.