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One of our Friends of Fulham, Chopper, has taken the time to put together the definitive list of famous Fulham Fans. For years the list was published on his blog - the Hammy End Chronical, unfortunatly due to other commitments Chopper has closed this blog and we have therfore taken on the task of maintaining the list.

Famous Fulham Fans - The Definitive List

This is my latest attempt to provide a "definitive" list of famous (or at least reasonably well known) Fulham supporters. The longer the list gets the more likely it is to include people who may not really be "proper" Fulham supporters. Don't get too upset by this, my original aim was to produce as long a list as possible, so as far as I'm concerned if you've been once its enough!

I began keeping track of these names when, in searching the Internet to find just such a list, I only found two web page links ... and both were blank. I constructed my own list and then posted it on TFI to see who I had missed. This resulted in a massive response which initiated the much larger list which you will find below (click on the heading to see the names).

The list is in no particular order and almost certainly contains "much which is apocryphal or, at the very least, wildly inaccurate". It certainly includes a number of celebrities who have now passed on, both figuratively and literally.

Subsequently I have found this site The Famous Football Supporters Page which includes a decent attempt but is by no means exhaustive. I will endeavour to maintain this list as the "official FFC Famous Fans list" and would be happy to hear from any one with information about other famous Fulham fans or corrections to the current list.

Either post a comment on the forum or leave a message via the contact page and I'll consider the change. Better still, if you are a famous person on the list and aren't actually a Fulham supporter, drop me a line and I'll happily take you along to a game. Hell, who wouldn't want to be on a list that includes Pussy Galore, Pope John Paul II AND The OXO Dad!

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