Friends of Fulham - standup if you still believe

famous fans - Fictional

Brian the Snail
Magic Roundabout

Butch Harry
Butch Harry ("The Italian Job")

DC "Dangerous" Davies
"The Last Detective" played by Peter Davison

"The Magic Roundabout" in one hard to find episode

"Men Behaving Badly" played by Ian Lindsay

George Carter
Detective Sergeant George Carter ("The Sweeney" played by Dennis Waterman)

Jack Regan
Detective Inspector Jack Regan ("The Sweeney" played by John Thaw)

Matt Cole
Matty Cole ("55 Degrees North")

"The Last Detective" played by Sean Hughes

Ronald "Budgie" Bird
"Budgie" played by Adam Faith

Hywel Bennett played "Shelly" for 39 episodes from 1979-1984 and briefly resurrected in 1988

Terry McCann
"Minder" played by Dennis Waterman

Wolfie Smith
"Citizen Smith" played by Robert Lindsey